Mark Barrett GM of Harris Maxus talks world’s first electric car drive with Radio Nova

A rare sighting of a replica of the first viable battery powered electric car was spotted on the streets of Paris this week!

The commission of this vehicle made by Maxus was done to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the world’s first rechargeable electric vehicle

The replica vehicle took two months to create and commemorates Gustave Trouvé, who is believed to have driven the world’s first rechargeable electric vehicle down Rue de Valois in Central Paris in April 1881.

The model, built similarly to a modern e-bike,  can do speeds of roughly 16km per hour and is a combination of an English-made tricycle, electric motor and rechargeable battery.

Mark Barrett, General Manager of Harris MAXUS said, “It’s amazing to think that the future of motoring started some 140 years ago, and here we are today at the start of a new greener motoring revolution.  While MAXUS is at the forefront of EV innovation right now, it’s worth remembering how it all started, and that is why we are celebrating and honouring M. Trouvé today.”

The full conversation can be found below. We hope you enjoy it!


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