Revolutionary Electric MPV and eLCV steal the spotlight at the Harris MAXUS stand

2024 Price reduction announced by Harris MAXUS 

23 April 2024: Harris MAXUS has once again stolen the limelight at the annual Commercial Vehicle (CV) Show in Birmingham, introducing a further two high spec electric vehicles to the UK market. With parent company, Harris Group, gearing up for unprecedented growth in 2024/2025, MAXUS is leading the charge towards a cleaner, greener future.

This year’s CV Show saw MAXUS showcase 13 electric vehicles, its largest EV show display ever with the impressive line-up including the MAXUS eDELIVER 5 (electric LCV) and MAXUS MIFA 7 (MPV), which were unveiled on press day amid much fanfare.

Speaking at the launch, Mark Barrett, Managing Director of Group Franchises at Harris Group, said: “It’s been eight years since the debut of our first all-electric commercial vehicle, the EV80, at the CV Show, marking a remarkable journey of progress and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicles.

“As a young brand, MAXUS has swiftly emerged as a trailblazer in the electric vehicle sector. And while we may be perceived as disruptors, our commitment to enhancing EV technology remains steadfast. Since 2016, we have introduced ten superb commercial and passenger vehicles to the UK market, eight of which are fully electric.

“Our latest products are yet another example of our e-vehicle market leadership and our unmatched ambition to continually build on our range. The eDELIVER 5 combines impressive range with adaptable design, while the MIFA 7 blends luxury comfort with cutting edge technology and efficiency. These vehicles not only showcase MAXUS’ relentless pursuit of innovation but also underscore our mission to provide customers with unparalleled driving experiences.”

MAXUS eDELIVER 5 – CV Show model spec

  • Battery pack capacity: 64kWh 
  • Range: 208 miles (335km) WLTP combined, or 300 miles (489km) Urban / City range 
  • Payload* 1200kg
  • Cargo volume – cubic capacity 6.6m3 / 7.6m3
  • Peak power 120kW 
  • Peak Torque 240Nm
  • Body types:
    • L1 H1 Overall Dimensions: 4800 x 1874 x 1960mm
    • L1 H2 Overall Dimensions: 4800 x 1874 x 2180mm
  • Cargo dimensions:
    • L1 H1 Internal Cargo Space : L: 2654 x W: 1704 x H: 1455mm
    • L1 H2 Internal Cargo Space:  L: 2654 x W: 1704 x H: 1675mm 
  • Adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and lane keep asistance, 3600 surrounding camera and rear sensor & speed limit ID system
  • 12.3 inch centre screen with MP5, USB, Bluetooth, Wireless Carplay & Android Auto
  • Internet of Vehicle (IOV) capabilities including navigation/voice control and telematics as optional 
  • Double sliding door, rear double opening with 1800 hinge & binding rings 
  • Priced from £34,000 (excl. vat & reg fee) 
  • Available to order now, with delivery expected in August 2024

MAXUS MIFA 7 – redefining luxury travel

Following the introduction of one of the world’s first fully electric MPV, the MIFA 9, to the UK and Irish markets in 2022, MAXUS has unveiled the compact MIFA 7.

Premium model: 90kWh battery offering a range of up to 298 miles/480km (WLTP combined). 

Luxury & Elite models: 77kWh battery offering 255 miles / 410km WLTP combined on a single charge.  

90kWh option available with optional IOV (Internet of Vehicle).

With a body size of 4,907 x 1,885mm x 1,756mm (ex-luggage rack), the seven-seater boasts the best internal width ratio in its class, providing passengers with significant space for outstanding levels of comfort.

Reflecting the vehicle’s key attributes Maximum, Intelligent, Friendly and Artistic, the MIFA 7 seamlessly blends sleek aesthetics with aerodynamic functionality, designed to significantly reduce wind resistance and energy consumption. This thoughtful engineering not only enhances the vehicle’s efficiency but also extends its range, ensuring prolonged journeys between charges.

Mark Barrett confirmed that the MIFA 7 would cater for a number of audience segments including taxi drivers, executive chauffeurs, hotels and hospitality providers, as well as families.

MIFA 7 – CV Show display model – pre-production Model LHD)

  • 90kWh high energy density ‘One Pack’ battery (newly developed by SAIC + CATL)
  • 180kW motor with a maximum torque of 350Nm
  • 18” wind resistant alloy wheels, designed to improve range 
  • 2975mm wheelbase 
  • Electric sliding doors and hidden door handle design for sleek modern look
  • Large panoramic sunroof 
  • Wireless charging in the cockpit, plus 4X type-C and 4X USB charging ports for passengers 
  • Intelligent Driving Assistance System, using Internet of Vehicle (IOV) capabilities with: Intelligent driving cameras and radars on the vehicle providing adaptive cruise control, integrated cruise assist, automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, speed limit information function and intelligent high-low beam control
  • Starting price of £48,774 OTR
  • Available to order now with delivery expected in August 2024

Price Reduction – Supporting the switch to greener motoring

Manufactured by SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, MAXUS is actively driving the transition to greener motoring for organisations, businesses, and individuals. The brand recently announced its most significant price reduction yet on all its models, aligning with its mission to make greener transportation accessible to all.

Behind MAXUS’ commitment to accessible eco-transportation lies SAIC’s strategic integration of in-house technology and its prestigious Lighthouse factory status.

As a member of the Global Lighthouse Network (GLN) of advanced manufacturers, leading companies like SAIC are leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI and digitalisation to drive profitable growth and minimise the environmental footprint of manufacturing processes. In 2021, SAIC bolstered its commitment to innovation by establishing an in-house Research and Development (R&D) team focused on AI, big data, cloud computing, and cybersecurity. This strategic move was aimed at accelerating the development of new energy intelligent connected vehicles, further driving down costs and expanding accessibility. 

With SAIC ramping up EV production for European markets, this trend toward lower production costs is expected to continue, translating into more affordable options for customers.

MAXUS’ full range of EVs was on display at the CV Show, with the brand offering visitors a pure EV experience for the fourth consecutive year.

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*Exclude driver & passenger weights. Max payload dependent on vehicle size and battery size.

CV Show product specs detailed below.


Harris Group is a leading automotive distributor in the UK and Ireland. Founded by Pino Harris in Dublin, Ireland, and now operating under the stewardship of CEO Denise Harris, for more than 50 years the company has distinguished itself through a spirit of innovation, a strong moral conviction and a commitment to excellence in customer service and training. Today, with a newly-appointed executive leadership team, exciting brand partnerships and significant investment across all departments, Harris Group is building on the legacy of Pino Harris while forging a new path towards a future of clean, sustainable and cost-effective commercial and mass transportation solutions.

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eDELIVER 5 spec:

Vehicle Type

Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Height (mm)

Payload (kg)

eDELIVER 5 – L1H1 Van 

eDELIVER 5 – L1H2 Van 

 MIFA 7 spec:

Vehicle Type

Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Height (mm)

Weight (GVW)

MIFA 7 – 90kWh





With an EV-only display of some 13 vehicles, MAXUS showcased the following at this year’s CV Show:

Vehicle Type

Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Height (mm)

Weight (GVW)

New Pricing 

eDELIVER 5 – Panel Van (64kWh)
From £34,000 (exl vat & reg fee)

MIFA 7 – Premium (90kwh)
From £48,774 OTR

eDELIVER 3 – Tipper (50.23kWh)

From £30,000 (exl vat & delivery)

eDELIVER 3 – Panel Van (50.23kWh)
From £30,000 (exl vat & delivery)

eDELIVER 9 – Luton Low Loader (65kWh)
£60,000 (exl vat & delivery)

eDELIVER 9 – L2H2 (72kWh)
From £49,167 (exl vat & delivery)

eDELIVER 9 – 14 seater Bus L3H2 (88kWh)
From £65,000 (exl vat & delivery)

eDELIVER 7 – L2H1 Fridge /Freezer (88kWh)

From £47,650 (exl vat & delivery)

eDELIVER 7 – L2H2 77kwh
From £49167 (exl vat & delivery)

eDELIVER  7 – L2H1 77kwh Roof Rack
From £49167 (exl vat & delivery)

T90EV (88kWh)
From £49,950 (exl vat & delivery)

From £49167 (exl vat & delivery)

MIFA 9 Luxury – 8-seater (90kWh)
From £69,833 OTR

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