Commercial Electric Vans on a Budget: Affordable Options for Every Consumer

Are you a business owner looking for a commercial electric van? In this article, we share why commercial electric vans are so appealing, the many benefits they offer, and highlight affordable electric van options.

Understanding the Appeal of Commercial Electric Vans

The best way to understand the appeal of commercial electric vans is to quote one of our clients. In 2023, Maxus sold a fleet of Maxus eDeliver 3 and eDeliver 9 vans to our client G.Network, a full-fibre broadband provider serving residents and businesses across London. 

Aaron Cartey, Fleet Manager at G.Network, stated: “Every day, G.Network Field Engineers travel around the heart of London connecting homes and businesses to our 100% fibre network. It is our priority that we work safely and sustainably, so we are delighted to partner with Maxus to bolster our fleet of electric vans.” “Our fleet is a key part of our carbon reduction plan, which not only improves our business productivity, but the customer experience of the Londoners we serve.”

Benefits of Commercial Electric Vans

Imagine standing outside your business premises, and all you hear are people’s voices and the birds singing. One of the many benefits of electric vans is their silence. They make no noise and are so quiet that noise had to be added to the vehicle design to ensure pedestrian safety. What other benefits do they offer? 

Environmentally friendly. E-Vans generate no greenhouse gas emissions while driving. 

Low running costs. Running costs are lower as they use electricity instead of fuel.

Low maintenance costs. Electric vans have far fewer components than internal combustion engines (ICE), lowering maintenance costs.

Swift acceleration. EVs accelerate more swiftly than ICE vehicles.

Regenerative braking. Electric van ownership can help your business save on electricity with regenerative braking. It feeds energy back into the battery every time you brake, reducing charge time and costs. 

Affordable Electric Van Models 

Fleet News, the business-to-business (B2B) industry publication, published an article comparing several commercial fleet electric van models that included a Maxus van. They commented as follows on our model: “Priced to compete in the small van segment, but with a loadspace and payload to rival medium-sized vans, the Maxus eDeliver 3 is a budget option with strong capability.” “The Maxus is a commendable option for those that want a practical and capable electric van at a low price point.”
We are also happy to note that the Maxus eDeliver 3 short wheelbase variants are eligible for a plug-in van grant until 31 March 2025. The government incentive offers discounts automatically deducted from the purchase price by the seller. When you want an affordable electric van, don’t hesitate to consider a Maxus. 

Tips for Cost-Effective Electric Fleet Adoption 

Every business owner wants their electric fleet adoption to be cost-effective, and the first tip to a successful transition is training. Drivers need to be aware that electric vans are more silent and accelerate faster than ICE vehicles. They should learn how to brake correctly to make the most out of the regenerative braking feature. Hilly terrain uses more energy, depleting the battery faster, which might require drivers to change their routes and driving habits. Find the best charging stations on your routes to ensure continued efficiency and driver safety. 

Our second tip is to utilise all the government incentives currently available, whether for vehicle purchases or the installation of charging stations at your business premises. Finally, when you purchase a Maxus commercial electric van, it includes the Intelligence Onboard system, which allows you to make data-driven decisions on driver and vehicle efficiency. 

Maxus commercial electric vans are affordable. They are designed to give high payloads, maximum load space, control, and driver comfort. We also have more than sixty Maxus dealers across the UK looking forward to discussing your commercial electric van needs. Contact Maxus today!

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