COP26 Summit: The fight against global warming heats up

COP26 Summit: As the fight against global warming heats up, Mark Barrett, GM of Harris MAXUS calls on businesses to make their own pledge to reduce carbon emissions.

The COP26 Summit will see leaders from 197 countries travel to Glasgow this month to discuss the threat of climate change. Significantly, the conference marks five years since COP21 when the Paris Agreement, a landmark climate change treaty, was signed by world leaders.


Declared as one of the last opportunities to slow the trajectory of climate change, COP26 isn’t just a chance for UN Member States to reflect on their pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. It’s also a chance for industries, businesses, and individuals to pin their flag to the post and make a conscious effort to be more sustainable into the future.

In terms of the motoring industry, electric vehicles are seen as a huge step in the right direction when it comes to reducing CO2 emissions across the world. Experts estimate that there could be 140m electric vehicles (EVs) §

on the road globally by 2030 should countries meet the Paris Climate Agreement’s goal.

At MAXUS, there has been a keen focus for many years on alternative fuel innovation and the creation of electric Light Commercial Vehicles (eLCVs). As a brand, MAXUS wants to make the greener option the easy option for drivers and fleet buyers, and as such, relegate vehicle-generated carbon emissions to the past.

As a leader in EV van development, MAXUS strives to provide zero-emission transportation solutions. Today in the UK, there are thousands of EV MAXUS vans in operation from well-known organisations including DPD, Milk & More, Royal Mail and Tesco just to mention a few.

Maxus Supply DPD with 750 Electric Vans


Distributed by Harris Automotive Group, with headquarters in in both Ireland and the UK, MAXUS’ sights are set firmly on the future of motoring. When the brand relaunched in 2016, we did so with the introduction of the EV80, the brand’s first zero-emission panel van. Now, as the green revolution grows and the 2030 EU target looms closer, MAXUS is ready for the next step with its two flagship models, the e DELIVER 9 and the e DELIVER 3.

Launched in June 2020, the e DELIVER 3 is the first van in the MAXUS portfolio that does not offer a diesel engine alternative. The compact electric van perfectly illustrates MAXUS’ focus on diversification, customisation and reputation


For those who are serious about the move to electric motoring but aren’t sure where to begin the best thing to do is speak to an expert. At MAXUS we know that the transition to greener motoring isn’t as simple as picking up the key to a new EV. That is why we provides business owners and fleet managers with a realistic evaluation of where they are on their journey to greener motoring and give them advise on what they need to do next. Some businesses may be ready to make the switch, others may need to put policies and infrastructure in place before making the move and MAXUS provides a step-by-step guide to ensure that move is as seamless as possible.

MAXUS doesn’t just offer advice to customers looking to make the big switch, we also provide detailed data-driven insights to optimise fleet productivity and safety post-purchase. In partnership with LEVL, Authorised Reseller for the world’s leading provider of fleet management and vehicle telematics, Geotab, we have created MAXUS Intelligence Onboard which is fitted in every MAXUS electric vehicle as standard. Utilising Geotab’s industry-leading electric vehicle telematics MAXUS customers have access to data insights like never before. This is all provided as added value and is just another example of how MAXUS goes the extra mile for its customers.

MAXUS is manufactured by SAIC, the largest automotive company in China. The brand is one of the few OEM manufacturers in the UK that can offer a full fleet of EVs right now and invites anyone interested in making the switch, or learning more about how to make the switch, to get in touch with their local MAXUS EV dealer who will always go the extra mile.

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