Maximise Electric Fleet Management and Efficiency with MAXUS Intelligence Onboard

In an era where sustainability and innovation reign supreme, MAXUS, in collaboration with LEVL, is ushering in a new era of fleet management with MAXUS Intelligence Onboard – a telematic system that not only promotes the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) but also empowers fleet operators with comprehensive data-driven insights to enhance productivity and safety. MAXUS Intelligence Onboard is revolutionising the way businesses approach fleet management, and here’s how:

It’s Revolutionising Fleet Operations

MAXUS Intelligence Onboard offers a treasure trove of EV data that forms the backbone of efficient fleet management. Fleet operators gain access to real-time information, including the state of charge (SOC), energy consumption, energy costs, live GPS tracking, and charging data. This data empowers them to make informed decisions, optimise operations, and transition to a more sustainable and cost-effective EV fleet.

For those on the fence about EVs, this telematic system can also showcase the cost-effectiveness of EVs by comparing them to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. These comparisons highlight the lower fuel costs, reduced total cost of ownership, and the significant carbon emissions savings that come with transitioning to electric vehicles.

It’s Providing Real-Time Data for Proactive Fleet Management

MAXUS Intelligence Onboard is not just a system for the present; it’s future-proof and can seamlessly integrate with charging infrastructure. Fleet managers can access the charge assurance dashboard, gaining real-time insights into each vehicle’s charging status. This includes information about when vehicles will be fully charged, power consumption, estimated charging completion times, and battery percentage.

Moreover, the system features precise live GPS tracking and driver behaviour reports. This combination allows fleets to adopt proactive measures for driver safety. Advanced insights into driver on-road activities help enhance fleet safety, reduce accident risks, and improve overall road safety.

It’s Ensuring Vehicle Reliability

The advantages of MAXUS Intelligence Onboard extend beyond fleet operations. MAXUS leverages the EV data from Intelligence Onboard to keep vehicles on the road and out of the workshop. By analysing fault codes, MAXUS can predict and address potential issues before they lead to breakdowns. This proactive approach not only reduces downtime but also contributes to longer vehicle lifespans. Furthermore, this data is used to train engineers at MAXUS’ technical training academy, ensuring they are well-prepared to maintain and repair MAXUS vehicles.

MAXUS Intelligence Onboard represents a significant leap forward in fleet management technology. By leveraging data to optimise operations, improve driver safety, and enhance customer satisfaction, MAXUS is at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution. As the future unfolds, MAXUS remains committed to innovation, ensuring its customers continue to enjoy state-of-the-art technology, tangible benefits, and a wider range of choices in their fleet operations.

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