The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Commercial Electric Van 

Do you want to purchase a commercial electric vehicle? You are not alone. More and more business owners are researching electric vehicles (EVs) due to the UK Government’s commitment to decarbonising transport. Private sector organisations such as the UK Electric Fleets Coalition and ChargeUK work to make the commitment and required infrastructure a reality. A Maxus van is the ultimate zero-emissions alternative to your petrol or diesel van, and we share our ultimate guide to choosing a commercial electric van.

Introduction to Commercial Electric Vehicles  

An electric van for commercial use works on the same principle as a personal battery electric vehicle (BEV). It has fewer moving parts than a standard internal combustion engine (ICE), thus requiring less maintenance and repairs. You can also cut operating expenses, such as electricity, by installing solar panels at your recharging stations. 

Commercial electric vans have zero tailpipe emissions, so you don’t have to pay road user charges when you do business in any of the UK’s low-emission zones (LEZ), ultra-low-emission zones (ULEZ), or clean air zones (CAZ). Electric vans are also a good choice to combat noise pollution. They are so silent that many countries make fitting an acoustic vehicle alerting system (AVAS) mandatory. 

The Different Types of Commercial Electric Vehicles  

Although there are more light electric commercial vans available in the UK than heavy goods vehicles (HVGs), the market for electric HVGs is growing at a steady pace. Maxus specialises in electric vans, and our commercial range has a solution for every need, whether you are looking at payload, loadspace, passenger space, or driving range. We are also experts at commercial van conversions. Let’s look at our commercial range in more detail:

Maxus eDeliver 9  

The Maxus eDeliver 9 storage space is accessible via a sliding door and double rear doors opening to 236°. It has an 8-way adjustable driver’s seat with an armrest and comes with three battery options. 

  • Battery: Fast charge of 80% in 45 minutes (DC)
  • Range: up to 219 city miles per charge
  • Payload: 1200 kg

Maxus eDeliver 7

The mid-sized Maxus eDeliver 7 electric van is ideal for transporting goods, equipment, or cargo.  

  • Range: up to 340 city miles per charge
  • Payload: 1135 kg
  • Trailer capacity: up to 1500 kg

Maxus eDeliver 3

The Maxus eDeliver 3 is the most compact of the Deliver range, but it is so technologically advanced that the cabin area can be your fully equipped office.

  • Range: up to 213 city miles per charge
  • Payload: 865 kg
  • Cargo volume: 4.8 m3

T90EV Pick-up

Another electric commercial vehicle option is the Maxus T90EV pick-up, which combines strength, effectiveness, and cutting-edge technology.

  • Battery: Fast charge of 80% in 45 minutes (DC)
  • Range: up to 220 city miles per charge
  • Payload: 1000 kg (maximum).

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Electric Van  

The most important factor to consider when choosing commercial electric vans for your business is to ensure they are fit for purpose. Investigate its range to determine how long you can drive on a charge, whether long distance or the stop-and-go of city driving. Another consideration is the time it takes for your van’s battery to recharge before it can go out on the road again. Since the commercial use of electric vans is still in its infancy, you should also analyse resale value and insurance coverage.

The Best Commercial Electric Van for You  

Ultimately, you must buy the best commercial electric van for your business. When you choose a Maxus EV, you get an eco-friendly van built to go the distance. It is also data-driven, since all our vans include the Maxus Intelligence Onboard System, which provides live data on location, speed, charge time, range, and more.   

Every Maxus EV comes with a five-year vehicle warranty and an eight-year warranty on its high-voltage battery. We offer nationwide breakdown assistance, service, repairs, and original parts. Maxus vans are exceptional. 

Maxus is committed to sustainability and great service. Contact us today to choose the perfect commercial electric vehicle for your business. 

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